Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bob Dylan live in 1976 - A spirited 'Idiot Wind'

UPDATE: Well unfortunately, the kind soul who made the clip available has either taken it down or had it taken down for him. Shame, because it was a great, great performance by Bob.

It is the centrepiece of side one on Bob's 1975 album 'Blood On The Tracks'; a tale of a man misunderstood, interwoven with bitterness and personal attacks on a former lover. With typical obtuseness, Dylan denies the lyrics are in any way autobiographical, but it is very hard to believe that, given the proximity to his first break up with Sara, and the sheer bile he invests in the lyrics.

This clip shows Dylan on stage in 1976. I have no idea who the backing musicians are, but they provide a spirited platform for Dylan's delivery of the song, that captures the anger of the recorded version very well. It's great to see him relishing the chance to deliver the song and really investing the lyrics with the requisite bite.

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