Wednesday, July 29, 2015

August 1970 and a new supergroup emerges - Balls

One can only imagine the excitement and the buzz in the music world in the summer of 1970 as the latest in a long line of 'super groups' announced itself in the music press. Denny Laine, pre-Wings but already a name in the business from his time in the Moody Blues and vocal on their first hit 'Go Now', got together with two other 'names'. Well, not exactly legends at this point, but both Trevor Burton and Alan White had made their mark. Burton was lead guitarist in The Move who were still going but now with new guy Jeff Lynne on guitar. Alan White, pre-Yes and before his joint smoking stint with Terry Reid in the Glastonbury Fayre film, got together and, quite rightly, surmising that this was a bit of a laugh and it wouldn't go anywhere, called themselves 'Balls'. 
Could have been worse, I suppose, had Laine decided he was the 'name' in the band, they would have been Denny Laine's Balls. 

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