Saturday, June 3, 2017

My most-viewed Youtube clips 3: Jeff Beck and David Gilmour - Hi Ho Silver Lining

Two for the price of one on this thread. It's actually not so rare now, but back in 2009 when I filmed this at the Royal Albert Hall, I don't think Jeff had ever played Hi Ho Silver Lining live, and certainly he hadn't sung it. As you are probably aware, the song was a hit for him in 1968, but it was so untypical of his style of music that he refused to play it live.
But obviously over the years, he softened his stance.
This all happened during the encore, which began with David Gilmour joining the band on stage. Beck and Gilmour traded licks during a long instrumental passage that concluded with the melody from Jerusalem.

That's the first clip you can view here. This was a real treat, to see Gilmour, who is usually so measured in his playing, batting lines back and forth with JB, the show-off. And clearly there's much respect between them. Jeff at one point feigns shock at one of Gilmour's trademark licks.

The other musicians, Jason Rebello (keyboards), Tal Wilkenfeld (bass) and Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) take a restrained approach to the track, in view of the fairly unrehearsed nature of it. And the comments on youtube show how rare and how much of treat it was for us in the audience.

What could follow that? The last thing any of us expected was for them to start into Jeff's big pop hit! It wasn't immediately obvious that was what they were playing until Gilmour started singing the first verse, "You're everywhere and nowhere baby..." at which point the audience raised the noise levels a notch or two. And then, when Jeff took the second verse, they really did go wild.

Both clips have about 30,000 views at the time of writing, helped by being featured on other sites, I believe.


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