Thursday, May 11, 2017

My most-viewed Youtube clips: 2. Tommy Bolin live 1976 - 'Delightful'

I put this together using whatever photos I could find of Tommy and the band, which included drummer Narada Michael Walden, fresh from his time with the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Michael had just released his first solo album, The Garden of Love Light, which features Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana. Tommy's band took the track 'Delightful' and played a beautiful version of it here, catching the groove just right. There's a later show on the CD this was taken from (First Time Live) which is much quicker, and loses the groove as a result.

So here we have just about the best example of Tommy Bolin's short-lived band. And it's obviously captivated folks, to judge from the comments on the YT page. Coming up for 55,000 views at the time of writing. Enjoy.

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